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Can Music Production Be Self-taught?

Music production is a music-making process that requires knowledge of many music production concepts. These concepts include sound engineering, mixing and mastering, music theory, operating synthesized and sampled instrumentation, and recording and arrangement within digital audio workstations (DAWs). With how much information there is to learn about music production, you may be wondering if you can learn music production on your own. Can you learn music production on your own? Yes, you can learn music production by yourself but it will take a lot of dedication, hard work, and time to achieve. You will need to learn about your Digital…

How to learn music production on Ableton Live

How to Learn Music Production on Ableton Live

Learning music production on Ableton Live means being able to understand how your digital audio workstation (DAW) works and how to create any genre of music in it. It also means understanding the different techniques and processes you can use to speed up your production processes. The good thing is that Ableton Live is a beginner-friendly DAW used by many experienced music producers to create music. In this guide, I’ll explain the ways you can effectively learn to produce music on Ableton Live. Installation & Setup of Ableton Live The first thing to do is install Ableton Live on your…

5 Best Music Production Books For Learning

The best music production books are those that are able to educate and inspire aspiring music producers. Since music producers will have different learning styles, experience levels, and specific areas of interest, there is no single best book for all aspiring music producers. However, there are certain books that are the best for specific situations. Some music production books focus on the technical aspects of music production, such as recording, mixing, and mastering, while others focus on the creative side. Some books are written specifically for beginners, while other books are more suited for intermediate and advanced music producers. Some…